Ottawa To Stop Selling Energy Drinks At Rec Centres

Energy drinks banned from city recreation centres

How should energy drinks be regulated in Canada? Energy drinks can actually dehydrate you, so if youre participating in sports and pounding these back that can be very, very bad for you, he said. The city said it asked Coca-Cola if it would not stock its arena and community centre machines with energy drinks starting in December, a request the company agreed to. High school students split High school student Scott Rook said he consumes two or three energy drinks a week, about the same amount some of his peers have in a day. The culture around energy drinks is just to get them pumped for the next class, or work, he said.
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Market Report, “Soy Drinks Market in France to 2017”, Published

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Energy drinks out at Ottawa city facilities

With the vendor happily agreeing to remove energy drinks, the city joins a growing list of organizations and health officials who recognize the health risks the beverages pose. Most provinces have banned unhealthy food and drinks in schools and more communities are doing the same in their facilities that are heavily populated by youth. Blais said the decision to push for the ban was a no-brainer, largely because of the concerns expressed by the Canadian Medical Association that wants a prohibition on sales to anyone under the legal drinking age. aThatas how bad the CMA believes they are for young people,a Blais said.
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